How we put your business on the map

Accurate Location Data

  • Receive

    We receive owner-verified business listings

  • Authencitate

    We authencitate the data with various data quality checks

  • Normalize

    We normalize the data for submission

  • Syndication

    Data is syndicated to all publishing channels and check and updated periodically

  • Check

    We check the publishing status of all locations

  • Report

    We report to our customers about the  data processes and statuses

We offer location management for enterprise businesses clients with hyper-accurate
location placement using our proprietary platform.

Managing location data for a multi-location company can be complicated and above all time consuming. We offer you the solution to automate the publication of your business listings to enhance your brand visibility on all maps and devices. Your location data is managed from one place where our Data Quality Team manually verifies each location before submission.


Rooftop or Storefront Placement

Our team of Data Quality Specialists make sure your locations are placed with hyper-accuracy, right on the spot.

Navads has unique relationships with the biggest map makers



  • First offical partner in Europe offering global business listings
  • Knowledge Cooperation



  • Only offical reseller
  • Unique Relationships with TomTom team
  • Developed API for TomTom from which database is queried



  • Official Global Supplier
  • Unique Relationships with HERE global POI team
  • Developed API for global data submission into all HERE endpoints



  • Fully integrated API
  • Global Partner for GMB API roll-out
  • Dedicated GMB team to manage automated Google Suggestions


The Navads

Publishing Network

Your locations found everywhere

One Stop Shop


Navads has the one-stop shop solution to push all your locations directly into the core
mapping channels of all digital map makers.